Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rules of Engagement

Rule #1: These rules will probably never stop changing.

Rule #2: Some decisions will have to be made about modifications to the recipes. This can be due to ingredients that are impossible to find or expensive, time constraints, or lack of equipment. Occasionally I may get lazy and decide it's not worth cooking a stock, turning it into a sauce, and the preparing it in order to add a tablespoon on top of a steak. It might be good, but see Rule #3. My goal is to keep these at a minimum, and I'll be clear about when they occur.

Rule #3: My goal is to make at least one meal a week. That could be just one recipe, or three. It comes with the territory of not being a professional cook and having to go to work during the day.

Rule #4: Most of the recipes will probably be reduced to make 2 servings. Why? Because I live in a house of two. Things that are easily stored for long periods of time may be an exception to this rule.

Rule #5: I won't be divulging any recipes here, so go buy the book if you want to make any of this. It's great to read, look at, learn from, and hopefully eat the results of.


Jessica said...

Those are good rules. I feel the same way about most of them--esp. rule 3. I mean, come on, I have a job, I'm not going to get through The Joy of Cooking in a year!!

And I half plenty of the recipes too. It doesn't seem to matter!

mike said...

Yep, this is definitely a couple of year endeavor, and that's only about 200 recipes. I can't imagine what the Joy of Cooking would take.

I quickly learned that halving the recipes was a good idea. I've had luck with most, but not all of them that way.