Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Onion Confit

I needed some onion confit for the bacon and onion quiche recipe. Lucky for me, there's an onion confit recipe in the back of the book. It's pretty easy to do, but it takes about two and half hours. That's not great, but it at least it tastes great.

There's no picture of the ingredients here because it's just onions, butter, salt, and a bouquet garni. You start by preparing the onions, which consists of cutting off both ends, cutting them lengthwise, and coring them.

They should look something like this. I then sliced each onion half into 1/4 inch slices. Everything will just kind of fall apart into nice pieces. I put the onions into a pot with just a little bit of water, a lot of bit of butter, and the bouquet garni.

This gets covered with a parchment lid. There are some instructions for making a parchment lid in the book, but it's way more complicated than it really needs to be. I just took a sheet of parchment, cut a small hole in the center, and pressed it against the surface of the onions. Perfect.

The onions have to cook on just about the lowest heat your stove top is capable of producing for two hours. I stirred them about every thirty minutes to make sure everything was happening nice and evenly. Here they are after the first hour, and then at the finish:

They're probably the best cooked onions I've ever had. They soft but not falling apart. Wilted but still colorless. Buttery but not greasy. Everything about them is great. Now I just have to come up with some other things to make that use onion confit.


deerseason87 said...

you can make a really great pizza with onion confit, goat cheese, and herbs. yum!

mike said...

That's a really good idea, I'll have to give that a try some time. The onions really were perfect, I need to make more already!