Sunday, April 6, 2008

Garlic Confit

I really like garlic. Not in a 'eat it with corn flakes' kind of way or a '13 cloves per serving of pasta' kind of way, but I do like it. Roasted garlic and bread is one of my favorite appetizers. Needless to say I was pretty interested in making the garlic confit.

To be clear, garlic confit isn't really a recipe in the book. It's included in a appendix-type addition that gives instructions for just about every type of building block you could imagine. I'll try and write about them as I make them; they'll all have the label 'Staple'.

Making garlic confit is incredibly easy. By far the most difficult part is peeling these:

After that it's into some canola oil for about 45 minutes. The book says cook it nice and low, so that the bubbles just barely rise through the oil. I did this for the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes. Somehow in the middle things got a little out of hand and started boiling pretty vigorously. Boiling oil is not a great thing, so if it happens to you I'd suggest approaching it carefully. Now for the least exciting cooking picture ever taken:

Storage is as easy as letting the oil cool and then moving it to an airtight container for storage in the fridge. I made this because I needed it for some mussels, but we also tried it smeared on some bread. I didn't think it was quite as good as roasted garlic served this way, probably because it lacked the carmelization. It's pretty obvious why this would be better for additions to other recipes though. So if you like mellow, soft and creamy garlic, stop on by my house because I have a ton.

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