Friday, April 25, 2008

Pear Sorbet

This was the third of the three recipes I completed over a couple of days a week or so ago. I had already made one ice cream recipe, so I thought a sorbet might be a nice change of pace. Bouchon has recipes for five different sorbets, and only one of them has more than three ingredients. If you guessed it was this one, you're right. That being said, this was still an incredibly easy recipe. Just like I said in the chocolate ice cream post, there is absolutely no reason for you not to make your own ice cream. It's very easy, very cheap, and infinitely better than anything you'll buy at any store.

On with the cooking. The ingredients here are pears, sauvignon blanc, water, sugar, and a vanilla bean. The recipe called for Red Comice pears, but my single produce source did not have them. Oh well.

Aren't those some nicely oxidizing pears? I combined the wine, water, and sugar in a saucepan, then added in the vanilla bean. In went the pears, and I simmered everything for about 30 minutes. At that points the pears were no match for the blender. Not wanting to scald everything in the kitchen with hot sugary syrup, I left the mixture to cool for a few minutes. All of it when into a blender until it looked like applesauce.

This got refrigerated overnight, and then finished by the ice cream attachment of my Kitchen Aid mixer. A couple of hours in the freezer after that and it was time for some dessert.

This turned out really well. It was pretty sweet, but it's dessert right? Pear is not a flavor that you, or at least I, wouldn't traditionally associate with sorbet, so it was a nice surprise. It only took about half an hour of active time plus some extended stays in the fridge and freezer. This goes in the book as a quick and easy dessert that is delicious.

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